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Ink cartridge problem Canon mp160

refilling canon cartridge cl41 for machines pixma mp160

pixma 150 170 mp180 oh yeah and mp 160
superque4 : 2 questions:
What does sucking the ink out the bottom do?
Wouldn't leaving the inlets on top of the cartridge uncovered dry out the foam inside?
LandscaperBill : Worked like a charm
leilei383 : I've got the same printer and I'm trying to figure out which hole to puncture (because there is one on the top and one on bottom) for the PG-30 black ink cartridge.
Alexander G : Then how do you know when to refill the cartridges?

wasilus : Does it print even if it recognize the cartridges as empty?

Canon MP160 error code fix

The hard reset.
The best solution for any printer showing an unknown error code
Serix : well, that did the trick for me, now everything works as expected
Adarsh Sadanandan : Thank you man. It worked.
Mrmich5371 : True that.
Going to try the hard reset setting on mine too.
Cowgirl Mama : The power/reset/power/reset x5 code actually worked, thanks. Can’t wait to replace this thing
Maria Burrow : It worked! :)




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